Why Join Scouting?

Scouts prove themselves in an environment that challenges their courage and tests their nerve.  After they've been given the proper guidance from those with experience and know-how, they take their own lead, going places they've never gone, seeing things they've never seen, and diving into the rugged world of outdoor adventure, relying on teamwork and character to accomplish what everyone else thinks is impossible.

Sound fun? If you're a youth age 11, or at least 10 and have completed the fifth grade, or have earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award, to 17 years old, the time for a real adventure is now.

If you are not local to the Waltham area please visit here.

Why Join Scouts BSA Troop 250 Waltham ?

We have an exciting and fun program based on learning core Scouting skills that last a lifetime.  We go camping at least once a month with activities ranging from backpacking to snowshoeing to shooting sports.  

Scouting is youth-lead, and Troop 250 values this principle in everything we do.  We have a dedicated group of adult volunteers who ensure the activities are fun and safe while the youth leadership runs the program they have developed.